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Бейкер Тилли Руссаудит (Казахстан)
Management Consulting

1. A package of services to increase business efficiency, particularly but not exceptionally under conditions of economic instability:
  • restructuring of the cost chain (Cost Cutting);
  • arrangement of the management of a holding company: allocation of responsibilities and regulation of interaction between the headquarters and the business divisions;
  • development of the motivation and incentive systems for all categories of managers and employees.
2. Business restructuring (for mergers and acquisitions, assets protection, consolidation in accordance with IFRS3):
  • design of the legal structure of a holding company and its business activities scheme;
  • management of changes in the organizational structure, key business processes, planning and accounting systems, internal control and incentive systems;
  • implementation of required legal and accounting procedures.
3. A package of services to increase business efficiency for the benefit of its stockholders:
  • design of internal control systems in accordance with the requirements of corporate management in public companies;

  • setting up an integrated mechanism for abuse-caused loss prevention at all stages of the value creation chain;
  • development of a risk map and a risk mitigation and business continuity plan.
4. A package of services to increase financial management efficiency:
  • arrangement of operational financial management (Corporate Treasury);
  • arrangement and preparation of the budgeting and management accounting system for automation;
  • arrangement of the medium-term cost control mechanism.
5. Arrangement and preparation of the accounting systems for automation: book-keeping, management, taxation, record-keeping and reporting in accordance with IFRS:
  • development of the accounting methodology for automation process and implementation support before the transfer to commercial operation. The services are provided in partnership with major IT companies;
  • managing IFRS (transformation and consolidation, parallel accounting, preparation for automation);
  • acceleration of the period-end closing of accounts, regulation of the document circulation.
6. Automation of the preparation of consolidated financial accounts in accordance with IFRS.
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