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"BT Kazakhstan Valuation & Consulting" LLP
December 2008
Tin and tungsten market, Kyrgyzstan
The brief overview provides tin and tungsten market data: production, consumption, and ore reserves in the CIS including Kyrgyzstan in 2006-2008.
March 2009
The dynamic market of Kazakhstan in the last few years and a significant growth potential of the economy, which was basically the result of the determined state policy and high prices for export commodities, has led to formation of many institutional companies, banks and other investors in our country, who were willing to invest in various and occasionally ambitious projects by accumulating significant funds.
March 2009
Analysis of the Kazakhstani real estate price / crude oil price relationship aimed at predicting the real estate prices amid the economic crisis. We still remember the insane real estate market growth, when many ordinary people and owners of the off-center apartments and junk houses privatized back in the days of socialism could feel like billionaires for a while. Today they are asking themselves, making bets: is the real estate pricing bottom achieved? If not, - when and how it will happen? Will it turn back to the level they had before the growth? An attempt to answer these questions was the driving force behind our research.
December 2009
Telecommunications market in Kazakhstan
In the opinion of industry experts, the telecommunications market in Kazakhstan is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. The overview highlights the status of the sector in 2009: fixed-line telephony coverage of the area and population, TV, Internet access, and programs adopted by the Government for the industry development.
January 2010
Kazakhstan – transit way between Europe and Asia
The research paper presents the main performance highlights of the transport industry in Kazakhstan, gives a brief description of individual sectors – railroad, aviation, road and water transport sectors. It also reviews the transit potential of Kazakhstan, and land transport corridors in Central Asia, as well as provides maps of the existing and prospective routes through the territory of Kazakhstan and countries of Central Asia and Russia.
February 2010
This research helps to disclose the expertise of the Russian banks in the financing of intellectual property, and demonstrate the credit facility for franchises, brands and trademarks. The author cites the findings and recommendations for Kazakhstan banks and interface franchisors. With this report Tatyana Gish, General Director of "Baker Tilly Kazakhstan Valuation", addressed the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference "Franchising in Kazakhstan – status, development options, funding". This material will also be published in the Franchising Agency reports.

January 2011
Real estate market of China, Urumqi
The research of P.R. China's real estate market in general (major cities) and in Urumqi in particular covers the period of 2008 to 2010. The research report reviews the residential, retail and commercial property sectors, the cost dynamics of the premises for sale and premises rentals, and provides conclusions and forecasts. It is of special interest in view of a limited availability of information on the Chinese economy as a whole, and on the real estate sector in particular.


"Baker Tilly Rusaudit" LLC

November 2010

"Baker Tilly Rusaudit" LLC with the support of the professional practical periodical for financial directors, "Financial Director", introduces the research results of M&A market tendencies in Russia in 2010-2011 for your consideration. The issues highlighted in the research are:
  1. What are the M&A market tendencies during the post-crisis period?
  2. Has the M&A market pricing approach changed?
  3. Do the price expectations of sellers and buyers get narrower?

The questionnaire research was conducted among key employees of a company (group of companies) representing the actual sector in November 2010.

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